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[Bimspread V2.1 + Familiar Training V0.21] - [Exeryon - HarDra Entertainment Production]

Bimspread V2.1 - Screens:
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Familiar Training V0.21 - Screens:
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Bimspread - Plot:
Bimbspread is a game where you, the player, is the only son of an ex-hooligan and that work for a tyrant woman that hate all the men, near loose the hope an old man that is a client and a friend too, offer him a special drug that will help you on solve this horrible situation of your but how you'll use it? save the world? become a superhero? sorry bro but this is an +18 game and there is only one way for use it SEX
The game involve: drugs, bimbofication, mind control, incest
One day while working with a client, a strange old man gives him a way to change his hellish life and change it for the better.
Bimspread is a +18 hentai game that involves mind control, brainwashing, some drugs and some bimbofication where YOU. player. is the Main Character, a guy that is the only son of an ex-yankee, that spends her days screaming and acting rough with you. You work in a shop where the shopkeeper, that is the owner too, hates you only because you are a guy. but maybe there are other reasons for her hate.
One day, during one of your deliveries you meet a strange old man that decides to share with you his strange technology and how will you use it?. to save the world?. become a superhero?. sorry bro but this is a hentai game so there is only one way for you to use it. SEX.

Familiar Training - Plot:
You are the illegitimate son of a noble and for this reason you are born as mage but spent your life without know it.
One day Old Osmond notice you and offer to let you enter the academy as new student and learn magic like anyone else but one day, during your familiar summoning, you summon a strange woman with a crystal in the chest.
The night of the cerimony you have a strange dream where a self proclamed demon god explain to you that you summoned one of his familiars that will grant you the chance of make your own harem.

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Bimspread - Info:
Release date: 3 February 2017
Genre: Adventures, RPG, Mind control, PAWG, Big breast, MILF
Censorship: No
Platform: PC/ Windows
Language : English
Size: 127 MB

Familiar Training - Info:
Release date: 27 December 2017
Genre: RPG, 2DCG, Animation, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, Blowjob, Handjob, Titsjob, Hardcore Sex, Harem, Seduction, Magic, Mind Control
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 164 MB

Bimspread V2.1 - Details:
-V2.1 -
Bug Fix
- a problem with in the park map after you get the event
- Infamous "bug" in the office when you go for collect your pay
Most player said about his bug, in this release I want to explain what this "bug" is.
for collect the pay in that day you have to talk directly with Hana and not talk with the desk between the MC and her, do that active the event that is put there for prevent you for enter the office freezing the game.
I noticed that some player done the right action and saying it in the forums where the game is released too.
For prevent other players on do the same error and start to say "I found a bug!" I modified the event so now when you have to collect your pay the MC move on his own around the desk and talk with her.

-V2.0 -
- Added "day 4"
- Added new character
- added 1 repeatable event
- added new zone Park composed by 2 maps
- added new zone central east map composed by 2 maps
- added CG room, is possible enter via the pc in the MC room
- added item fixer in the CG room
- an easter egg
- now the presence of sparks sign the streets that are accessible, if the sparks are not present mean that YOU SHALL NOT PASS because the street is blocked at the moment or is not implemented yet

-V1.1 -
- Change a couple of BGM
- Fixed bug where after get the first koneko's event stuck the game in a loop when you go inside her apartment
- Fixed bug where choice "yes" or "no" take always at the black screen of the end of the current version

-V1.0 -
- Add "day 3"
- Added new map, the shop's basement
- Add 2 new events
- Add new type of job, the animal catching
- Added sparks for make more clear the passage for go in the roof of Koneko's building, this spark will be activated when the moment of go in the roof is reach
- Made a couple of change in the arena of the slums, now the grade go from E to A and is possible go out of the list of grades selecting "Cancel"
Bug Fix
- Fixed basement error, now you can go in the basement only after took the equipment
- Fixed the missing event that remove the "Bimdrugged sport drink" from the inventory
- Fixed first event with Hana
- Fixed basement related bug
Familiar Training - Details:
Familiar Training is a parody game that uses the base universe of the anime Zero No Tsukaima.
In this world you, the player, are a young mage that summoned a familiar - a mysterious woman with a crystal in her chest and that in the future you discover is the key for something hard to obtain a harem of girls and women that will obey your every order.

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