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We are going to keep them plain and simple. Make sure you go through the forum rules to avoid Banning / Termination of your accounts.

General Rules.

  • You must be 18 years or older to access content on the forum!
  • Please don't use words like: "Whore, Rape, etc." They are forbidden!
  • You can't have more than 1 account on the forum. If found, all your accounts will be permanently banned.
  • You may have signature only after it's approved by Administrators!
  • Please Post in the proper sections.
  • Each section may have its own rules.
  • Do not use CAPS ,Special Fonts and Characters in thread's title!
  • Do not use refferal links !
  • Do not use STREAM and PREMIUM links , they are allowed only for VIP Users in VIP section!
  • No Animal, Child, Rape, Violence,Under 18y or illegal porn!
  • All posts must be in English language.
  • Аlways include text information with file size, file type and playing time when posting video links.
  • Only ONE (1) video or picture sets are allowed in one post.
  • You must have screen caps on video post.

Forum permission rules.

  • Forums are actively moderated and have certain permissions for links and images.
  • New members won't be able to see links or images unless they have 10 posts on the forum. These posts can be in any section.
  • You are not supposed to add links using redirects / phishing links for downloads etc. If found, your links and threads will be removed.
  • Certain members have certain freedom or flexibility on the forum. See all member types here.
  • Don't post anything that's not allowed in the forum. Keep your post / threads forum relative.