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02-22-2018, 09:00 AM
Princess Kaelin - Tricked into Blue Balls

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6359682_hcfnu/Tricked_into_Blue_Balls_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6359682_hcfnu')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6359719_k2ttz/Tricked_into_Blue_Balls.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6359719_k2ttz')

Length: 256 MB for 00:10:57
Description: I start off with intensely hot sensual jerk off instructions because today I want you to jerk for me. I want you to make that cock harder than it's ever been. I want each stroke to feel better and better until you absolutely can't take one more and then.... well you'll just have to see.

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02-22-2018, 06:04 PM
Eva de Vil - JOI How Long Can You Last?

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6359664_zszrd/JOI_How_Long_Can_You_Last_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6359664_zszrd')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6359701_ezdqe/JOI_How_Long_Can_You_Last.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6359701_ezdqe')

Genre: Brat Girls, Cum Control, Cum Countdown, Edging, Edging Fetish, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Mind Fuck, Teasing
Length: 458 MB for 00:21:04
Description: I’m bored. Get your cock out, loser, and entertain me. I’ll make you edge for 20 minutes while I tease you. It’s gonna be so difficult for you to hold it in but you want to impress me, don’t you?

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02-23-2018, 08:00 AM
Goddess Amanda - G-string Worship

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6265527_0ubik/G-string_Worship_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6265527_0ubik')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6265585_ghzu0/G-string_Worship.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6265585_ghzu0')

Genre: JOI, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction
Length: 248 MB for 00:08:20
Description: You keep coming back for more and more. You love worshiping my perfect bubble butt especially when I am only wearing a bra and a teeny tiny g-string. I love showing off my hot body and talking to you dirty when we both know you will never get to fuck me or bury your face deep in my ass and pussy.

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02-23-2018, 04:46 PM
Goddess Christina – Pussy = Power

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6265532_woo1x/JOI_GCPussy_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6265532_woo1x')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6265590_2d5zw/JOI_GCPussy.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6265590_2d5zw')

Genre: Tease, Denial, Bratty Goddess, Female Supremacy, Financial Domination, Findom, Goddess Worship, Orgasm Control, Redhead, Instructions, Masturbation Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI
Length: 294 MB for 00:10:03

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02-23-2018, 08:37 PM
Goddess Amanda - New Tight Yoga Pants

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6301835_pq09h/New_Tight_Yoga_Pants_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6301835_pq09h')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6301841_ssj5f/New_Tight_Yoga_Pants.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6301841_ssj5f')

Genre: Yoga Pans, Spandex, POV, Assworship, Asslicking, Ass Licking, Ass Worship
Length: 341 MB for 00:07:46
Description: My ass is so perfect & so well defined by my tight spandex yoga pants. That little tease of my thong will drive u crazy and you won’t be able 2 look away. I want you to jerk your dick the way I tell u to while I rub my big bubble butt in yoga pants right in your face.

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02-24-2018, 05:47 PM
Adrienne Adora - Prayer for Goddess Adrienne

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6317043_8qboy/Adrienne_Adora_-_Prayer_for_Goddess_Adrienne_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6317043_8qboy')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6317087_8ce0n/Adrienne_Adora_-_Prayer_for_Goddess_Adrienne.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6317087_8ce0n')

Genre: JOI, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction
Length: 170 MB for 00:05:32
Description: I was kind enough to make this clip instructing all my worshippers on how to pray to me. Watch on your knees, do exactly what I say and repeat after me, minions.

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02-24-2018, 08:21 PM
Goddess Christina - Taste Your Pleasure Task

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6317052_agmxn/Goddess_Christina_Tak_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6317052_agmxn')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6317096_hpwiq/Goddess_Christina_Tak.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6317096_hpwiq')

Genre: JOI, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction
Length: 191 MB for 00:09:07
Description: You’ve been jerking that dick almost daily – coming in tissues, down the toilet, down the shower drain and I can only imagine how many other places. Stroking until you explode and disposing of your mess. Well today you will be the disposal – my little cum dumpster. No more wasting that cum.

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02-24-2018, 08:42 PM
Kimber Lee - Eat Your Cum For Me!!

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6104166_xwj4y/Eat_Your_Cum_For_Me_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6104166_xwj4y')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/6104219_jb6se/Eat_Your_Cum_For_Me.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/6104219_jb6se')

Genre: JOI, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction
Length: 179 MB for 00:12:40
Description: I know a loser when I see one, welcome to the fantasy of your dreams! You're going to do something you love to do, but only for beautiful dominant women like me. We are going to make you eat your own cum!! Whatever shoots out of your pathetic cock will instantly be swallowed just for my amusement. It's funny to watch you squirm around, trying not to cum too early.. Jerk your cock off a little faster, now a bit tighter. Once you start to feel like you might explode, I tell you to take your hands off and watch your cock crave more. After you cum, you know what's next. You have to swallow every drop of sticky semen!! Your Goddess is very pleased with her wimp, for now... See you at my next LIVE cam show, FREE for all VNA members!!

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02-26-2018, 07:24 AM
Eva de Vil - Quick Fishnet Ass Worship


Genre: #Ass Fetish, #Ass Grabbing, #Ass Shaking, #Ass Smacking, #Ass Spreading, #Ass Tease, #Body Worship, #Femdom, #Fishnets, #Goddess Worship
Length: 120 MB for 00:02:02
Description: This quick worship video will have you drooling, desperately wishing to be suffocated between these gorgeous, round, bouncy ass cheeks. A worthless little pig like you should be grateful for every second you get to stare at it bouncing and jiggling, and thank Goddess for such pleasure.

Format: MP4
Video: AVC, 1280x720 at 7 837 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 317 kb/s, 2 ch, 48.0 kHz



02-28-2018, 05:57 AM
Goddess Alexandra Snow - Tan Lines

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/5148873_aefnq/Tan_Lines_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/5148873_aefnq')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/5148920_wnb7r/Tan_Lines.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/5148920_wnb7r')

Genre: JOI, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction
Length: 232 MB for 00:06:18
Description: My holiday in the south of France has given me some very nice tan lines on my ass.. So before they fade away, it's your chance to worship my ass with those luscious lines. Could you imagine watching me as I sun myself on the beach to get this bit of color? I want you on your knees, cock in hand, and lips ready to kiss my perfect butt. This is the proper way to worship.

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Video: AVC, 1280x720 at 5 000 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 192 kb/s, 2 ch, 44.1 kHz



02-28-2018, 08:20 PM
Princess Ruby - Ruby Powerful Ass

http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/4701842_opzkw/Princess_Ruby_-_Ruby_Powerful_Ass_1.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/4701842_opzkw')
http://picstate.com/thumbs/small/4702095_cika2/Princess_Ruby_-_Ruby_Powerful_Ass.mp4.jpg ('http://picstate.com/view/full/4702095_cika2')

Genre: EBONY , high heels , thong , ass , worship , tease and denial , stockings , british
Length: 105 MB for 00:07:03
Description: Princess Ruby is well renowned for her PERFECT, PEACH ASS it fucks with your head more than ever. She wants to ruin you to the point...

Format: MP4
Video: AVC, 1280x720 at 1 973 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 109 kb/s, 2 ch, 48.0 kHz