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Thread: Premium Selection Of 0-Day Adult HD Videos

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    Evil Angel: Maxim Law - Blonde Anal Deviant Maxim Sodomized (1080p)

    MP4, 2.03GB, 40 Mins

    Scene from: Anal Deviant. Platinum blonde newbie Maxim Law teases and strips, flaunting her large breasts and sleek, long legs. When director Mark Wood confronts her about her distracting sexual behavior, the busty vixen remedies the problem by seducing him into a hard anal romp. After a sloppy blowjob, Maxim bends over for harsh, doggie-style cunt pounding. The slim beauty buzzes a vibrator over her pussy while Mark sodomizes her. Maxim rims his bunghole and eats his thick, club-like cock ass-to-mouth. The harsh backdoor fuck climaxes with a cum facial, and Maxim swallows.

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    Blonde Anal Deviant 1080p.part1.rar - 700.0 MB
    Blonde Anal Deviant 1080p.part2.rar - 700.0 MB
    Blonde Anal Deviant 1080p.part3.rar - 679.6 MB
    Blonde_Anal_Deviant_1080p.part1.rar (700.0 Mb)
    Blonde_Anal_Deviant_1080p.part2.rar (700.0 Mb)
    Blonde_Anal_Deviant_1080p.part3.rar (679.6 Mb)

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    Public Agent - Esperanza Del Horno (1080p)

    Hot Tourist Stairwell Suck And Fuck

    MP4, 1.41GB, 33 Mins

    Esperanza Del Horno was walking down the street when I stopped her, and she seemed more than pleased to do a little casting with me. Esperanza was from Amsterdam, but visiting Prague for vacation. I told her how I was a casting agent, and asked her if she wanted to take some pictures in exchange for some Euros. With a sly smile Esperanza agreed, and we headed to a nearby stairwell. I asked to see her underwear, but she wasn't wearing a bra, so she flashed me instead! Her panties were barely a string and didn't cover her fine ass at all. For some more Euros she sucked my dick, then sat on my cock! She was perfect, and even swallowed my load!

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    Hot Tourist 1080p.part1.rar - 730.0 MB
    Hot Tourist 1080p.part2.rar - 716.5 MB
    Hot_Tourist_1080p.part1.rar (730.0 Mb)
    Hot_Tourist_1080p.part2.rar (716.5 Mb)

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    Teens Love Huge Cocks: Bella Rose - Rose Love (1080p)

    MP4, 2.42GB, 34 Mins

    I was hanging out with Bella Rose when she confessed to loving huge cocks. Which was perfect because I had a surprise for the 19-year-old blonde beauty! I had invited my buddy Mick Blue to give the petite teen exactly what she was craving: a big hard dick! But was Bella up for the challenge? You bet she was! Mick started by licking her tight juicy pussy. Then, Bella unzipped his pants and found out just how huge Mick’s cock is! So huge in fact that she tried to fit it all in her mouth, but simply couldn’t! Then, Bella’s dripping wet slit got a good pounding as Mick fucked her brains out!

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    Rose Love 1080p.part1.rar - 840.0 MB
    Rose Love 1080p.part2.rar - 840.0 MB
    Rose Love 1080p.part3.rar - 796.1 MB
    Rose_Love_1080p.part1.rar (840.0 Mb)
    Rose_Love_1080p.part2.rar (840.0 Mb)
    Rose_Love_1080p.part3.rar (796.1 Mb)

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    She's New: Madison Hart - Never Trust Your Ex (1080p)

    MP4, 4.94GB, 58 Mins

    Madison Hart had broken up with her boyfriend a while ago, but he is still trying to make it up to her. He showed up at her house all friendly trying to spend time with her. She decided to give him another chance. It was not long before they were talking about how much Madison missed him. Madison could tell this was a ploy to try and fuck, but she was feeling pretty horny anyway. Before she knew it Madison was sucking her ex-boyfriends long cock and getting her pussy penetrated. She was left with a creamy facial expecting to cuddle, but her boyfriend ended up dipping on her real quick! That’s what you get for trusting an ex!

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    Never Trust 1080p.part1.rar - 1 022.0 MB
    Never Trust 1080p.part2.rar - 1 022.0 MB
    Never Trust 1080p.part3.rar - 1 022.0 MB
    Never Trust 1080p.part4.rar - 1 022.0 MB
    Never Trust 1080p.part5.rar - 969.2 MB
    Never_Trust_1080p.part1.rar (1022.0 Mb)
    Never_Trust_1080p.part2.rar (1022.0 Mb)
    Never_Trust_1080p.part3.rar (1022.0 Mb)
    Never_Trust_1080p.part4.rar (1022.0 Mb)
    Never_Trust_1080p.part5.rar (969.2 Mb)

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    Share My BF - Audrey Royal, Valentina Nappi (1080p)

    Valentina's Bilingual Threesome

    MP4, 3.14GB, 37 Mins

    Busty Valentina Nappi is less than happy when she finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her with Audrey Royal. But once the Italian hottie sees Audrey's adorable tits, the two babes decide to take turns riding cock and eating pussy, turning this into a steamy threesome!

    Download Keep2Share, Filejoker:
    Bilingual Threesome 1080p.part1.rar - 820.0 MB
    Bilingual Threesome 1080p.part2.rar - 820.0 MB
    Bilingual Threesome 1080p.part3.rar - 820.0 MB
    Bilingual Threesome 1080p.part4.rar - 755.3 MB
    Bilingual_Threesome_1080p.part1.rar (820.0 Mb)
    Bilingual_Threesome_1080p.part2.rar (820.0 Mb)
    Bilingual_Threesome_1080p.part3.rar (820.0 Mb)
    Bilingual_Threesome_1080p.part4.rar (755.3 Mb)

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    Evil Angel - Saya Song (1080p)

    Asian Saya's Spit-Soaked, Gaping Sodomy

    MP4, 4.89GB, 86 Mins

    Scene from: All About Ass 3. Exotic Asian-American Saya Song teases and masturbates in skimpy black lingerie. A vibrating wand buzzes her clit as she stretches her rectum with a giant dildo. While director Jonni Darkko fucks her throat, Saya gathers her slick spit in a martini glass. She talks dirty as Jonni reams her asshole to explicit gaping, and Saya gags and slobbers through ass-to-mouth cocksucking. The playful slut rims Jonni's bunghole and laps his balls. Their outrageous, rump-wrecking raunch climaxes with a majestic, face-slathering cum shot.

    Download Keep2Share, Filejoker:
    Spit-Soaked 1080p.part1.rar - 1 010.0 MB
    Spit-Soaked 1080p.part2.rar - 1 010.0 MB
    Spit-Soaked 1080p.part3.rar - 1 010.0 MB
    Spit-Soaked 1080p.part4.rar - 1 010.0 MB
    Spit-Soaked 1080p.part5.rar - 962.3 MB
    Spit-Soaked_1080p.part1.rar (1010.0 Mb)
    Spit-Soaked_1080p.part2.rar (1010.0 Mb)
    Spit-Soaked_1080p.part3.rar (1010.0 Mb)
    Spit-Soaked_1080p.part4.rar (1010.0 Mb)
    Spit-Soaked_1080p.part5.rar (962.3 Mb)

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    HardX: Daya Knight - All Anal Ebony Booty (1080p)

    MP4, 2.07GB, 34 Mins

    Get ready for Daya Knight and her massive black ass in this intense all anal sex scene featuring multiple anal positions. Focusing on facesitting, ass worshiping, gapes, squirting and ATM's. Daya wants it all anal and won't settle for anything less!

    Download Keep2Share, Filejoker:
    Ebony Booty 1080p.part1.rar - 720.0 MB
    Ebony Booty 1080p.part2.rar - 720.0 MB
    Ebony Booty 1080p.part3.rar - 677.1 MB
    Ebony_Booty_1080p.part1.rar (720.0 Mb)
    Ebony_Booty_1080p.part2.rar (720.0 Mb)
    Ebony_Booty_1080p.part3.rar (677.1 Mb)

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    Daughter Swap - Audrey Royal, Lilly Hall (1080p)

    The Pussy Before Prison Provision

    MP4, 3.84GB, 45 Mins

    Audrey Royal and Lilly Hall overheard their dads talking about how they would be going to prison for a long time because of some money laundering charges. Their dads were distraught. Not only would they get no pussy for many years, but also who would care for their daughters? The girls decided to team up and make this a little easier on their papas. They decided to swap fathers and give them one final fuck before they went away. This showed them that they loved them and were responsible enough to take care of themselves while they were away. This scene is a perfect example of how a daddy swap should take place. Tableside cocksucking, couchside fucking, and two teens with a face full of cum. Good luck in prison dads!

    Download Keep2Share, Filejoker:
    Before Prison 1080p.part1.rar - 1 000.0 MB
    Before Prison 1080p.part2.rar - 1 000.0 MB
    Before Prison 1080p.part3.rar - 1 000.0 MB
    Before Prison 1080p.part4.rar - 927.4 MB
    Before_Prison_1080p.part1.rar (1000.0 Mb)
    Before_Prison_1080p.part2.rar (1000.0 Mb)
    Before_Prison_1080p.part3.rar (1000.0 Mb)
    Before_Prison_1080p.part4.rar (927.4 Mb)

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    Blacked: Ava Parker, Kira Noir - Stepping Up For Mr M (1080p)

    MP4, 2.83GB, 32 Mins

    Ava's first job out of college is a home-based personal assistant for a hedge fund. The pay and benefits are fantastic but that was just half of it. Although it is never addressed, it is obvious what is going on behind closed doors. The girls come and go and she knows Mr. M is insatiable. Even though she tries to ignore it, she eventually finds herself fantasizing about what occurs. When she is asked to 'fill in' she is extremely intrigued. Will she do what is asked of her?

    Download Keep2Share, Filejoker:
    Stepping Up 1080p.part1.rar - 980.0 MB
    Stepping Up 1080p.part2.rar - 980.0 MB
    Stepping Up 1080p.part3.rar - 939.5 MB
    Stepping_Up_1080p.part1.rar (980.0 Mb)
    Stepping_Up_1080p.part2.rar (980.0 Mb)
    Stepping_Up_1080p.part3.rar (939.5 Mb)

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    My Daughter's Hot Friend - Devon Green (1080p)

    MP4, 3.18GB, 37 Mins

    Internships – still a great way to get your foot in the door. But even so, times are tougher these days, and college students like Devon Green still need to support themselves. She explains to her friend’s dad Mark how grateful and thankful she is to be employed as his intern, but she admits that she’s still having money woes. For business reasons, Mark can’t take her on as a part-time employee yet, but he can slip her some extra cash…in exchange for some other kind of “help” he needs. And, of course, the help he needs occurs when nobody else is home, but also occurs when his drawers are dropped and his huge fat cock springs out and slaps his daughter’s friend in the face! Devon’s a college girl: when she sees an opportunity, she takes it – and she takes it deep! This young woman’s gonna go places!

    Download Keep2Share, Filejoker:
    mdhf_Devon Green 1080p.part1.rar - 830.0 MB
    mdhf_Devon Green 1080p.part2.rar - 830.0 MB
    mdhf_Devon Green 1080p.part3.rar - 830.0 MB
    mdhf_Devon Green 1080p.part4.rar - 761.6 MB
    mdhf_Devon_Green_1080p.part1.rar (830.0 Mb)
    mdhf_Devon_Green_1080p.part2.rar (830.0 Mb)
    mdhf_Devon_Green_1080p.part3.rar (830.0 Mb)
    mdhf_Devon_Green_1080p.part4.rar (761.6 Mb)

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